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Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chi Ming Chan Nanocomposites, in particular, surface modification and characterization of nanofillers and morphology characterization of the interface.
Chak Keung Chan Characterization of atmospheric nanoparticle pollutants.
Ying Chau Design of nanocarriers for drug delivery and nanomaterials for tissue engineering.
Guohua Chen Removal and recovery of heavy metals using nano-sized magnetic particles; Development of nano-sized functional catalysts in photoelectrooxidation of pollutants in water; Electro-reduction of Indigo dyes with nanomaterial electrode without the addition of mediator.
Furong Gao System approaches for nano-composite quality manipulation and optimization.
Ping Gao Preparation of high-performance polymer-clay nanocomposites.
I-Ming Hsing Nano-electrocatalysts for Polymer Electrolyte- and Microfabricated Fuel Cell Applications; Nanoparticles-embedded bioanalytical microsystem for multiplex pathogen detection; Magnetic Nanoparticles for Sample Preparation in Lab-on-Chip Micro- and Nano magnetic particles for biosensing Applications.
Xijun Hu Development of heterogeneous nano-porous catalysts by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and their applications in wastewater treatment by catalyticwet oxidation, photo-oxidation; Nanocomposite particles of Fe/clay as catalyst for photo-fenton reaction; continuous wastewater treatment by catalytic wet oxidation using a trickle bed reactor; modified MCM-41 materials for efficient storage and rapid release of hydrogen; multicomponent adsorption equilibrium and kinetics in heterogeneous porous media; characterization of microporous solids; fabrication of meso-structured crystals for electrical and optical applications.
Gordon Mckay Nano in environmental area: Removal of arsenic from drinking water using nanochitosans; the production of nanocarbons from waste materials.
Yongli Mi 3-D DNA superstructure using the self-assembly property of DNA molecules; Triple cross-over triangle (TXT) motif to construct a four-arm junction motif and to build the 3-D DNA superstructure; Construct a six-arm junction motif and 3-D superstructure; Morphology/property relationship of polymers at nanoscale.
Ka Ming Ng Manufacturing technologies of nanomatertials and related products.
King Lun Yeung Synthesis and fabrication of nanostructured and nanoporous materials; Nanostructured catalysts for indoor air quality control; Nanoporous materials for water and wastewater treatment; Selective nanoadsorbent for metal ion removal and recovery; Membrane technology for waster treatment; Nanomaterials in microfuel cell system; Nanomaterials for bioapplications: storage and delivery devices from hollow capsules to microneedles; Nanostructured TiO2 environmental catalysts.
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Irene M. C. Lo Development of magnetic iron-based nanoparticles for the removal of heavy metals from groundwater and industrial wastewater.
Chii Shang Environmental nanotechnology, fate and transformation of nanomaterials in engineered water environment, development of nanomaterials for disinfection and oxidation processes.
Electronic and Computer Engineering
Man Sun Chan Modeling of ultra-thin-body & 2-D modeling of non-planar nano-CMOS devices.
Kevin Chen Beyond-CMOS nano-scale transistors; Nanoelectronics circuit design; Nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS).
Vladimir G. CHIGRINOV Nanosize photoalignment layers as basic structures for new generation of the liquid crystals devices as well as in new photovoltaic, optoelectronic and photonic devices based on highly ordered thin organic layers for light emitted diodes, solar cells, optical data storage and holographic memory devices.
Zhiyong Fan Fabrication, characterization and integration of functional nanomaterials, application of nanomaterials for electronics, energy harvesting and sensors.
Volkan Kursun Deeply scaled CMOS devices and circuits, beyond silicon nanoelectronics, emerging 2D and 3D integrated circuit technologies
Hoi Sing Kwok Nanoelectronics: Displays.
Kei May Lau Nanoelectronics; Nanophotonics; Selective, patterned and self-assembled growth of nano-structures on silicon platform.
Andrew Poon Silicon nano-photonics focus on novel devices for next-generation wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) optical communications and optical interconnects for high-performance computer chips.
Johnny Sin Nanoelectronic devices design and fabrication; nano-materials for device applications.
Jiang XU System-on-chip and embedded system designs using nanotechnologies, nano-optoelectronic networks-on-chip for gigascale multiprocessor system-on-chip.
Levent Yobas Biomedical, micro/nanodevices, Bio micro/nanoelectromechanical systems, ,micro/nanofluidics,  and micro/nanobiosensors
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Christopher Chao

Nanoparticle transport, nano air treatment technology, health risk assessment.
Yongsheng Gao Nano precision machining; nano manufacturing; material processing for micro fabrication.
Baoling Huang Micro/nanoscale heat and mass transfer, nanostructured semiconductors and their applications, multiscale modeling of phonon and electron transport in semiconductors
Jang-Kyo Kim Nanocomposites reinforced with carbon nanotubes, nanofibers, nanographite, graphene and organoclay nanoparticles; Exfoliation of graphite and graphene; Hybrid composites containing continuous fibres and nanoreinforcements; Surface modifications and Interfacial adhesion of nanoreinforcements; Applications of nanostructured materials for aerospace, sporting goods, wind turbine structures, electronics; Carbon nanotubes and graphene for energy storage devices including Li ion batteries and supercapacitors.
David Lam Development of nanoporous composites for use in structural, catalytic and electronic applications; characterization of the electrical behavior of nanoporous materials at high frequency; high order mechanics theory for structures in the micro- and nanoscale, structural property characterization methodologies using nanoindentation and molecular simulations; and development of nanoscrupted substrate for molecular analysis.
Ricky Lee Fabrication of nano-scale vias on silicon substrates; precision copper plating for nano-scale interconnection; applications of nano-particles for printable electronics.
Yi-Kuen Lee Superhydrophobic nanoflower surfaces, electrohydrodynamics of nanopores, nanomechanics of cell membranes, Integrated Nano Bubble Actuator; Nano electrophoresis chip: separation of large DNA molecules in nanopillar arrays.
Zhigang Li Nanosclae fluid-surface interaction, nanoscale mass and heat transfer with applications to particle/biomolecule separation and electronic device cooling.
Huihe Qiu Transport phenomena on micro/nanoscale multiphase systems; Nano- and Microfluidics modeling; Micro/nano sensors and actuators; Micro/nano optics.
Qingping Sun Phase transition and nonlinear waves in nanomaterials; Micro- and nano-scale friction and tribology of nanostructured materials; multiscale and multi-physical coupling in mechanical behavior of nano-materials; Hysteresis and patern evolution during non-equilibrium process of nanostrcutured materials; Reliability and fatigue of nano-structured biomaterials for human implants and surgery.
Jingshen Wu Polymer based nanocomposites area: Preparation, characterization and micro-deformation mechanisms of polymer based nanocomposites; Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in microelectronics packaging and assembly; Deformation and fracture mechanisms for semi-crystalline polymer composites with nanoscale inorganic fillers; Processing and characterization of a new class of polymer based nanocomposites. reinforced by halloysite nanotubes; Preparation, microstructure and mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites based on thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and highly exfoliated pristine clay via melt compounding; Structure, property and modification of low cost nanocomposites for electronic packaging applications.
Shuhuai Yao Nanoengineered materials for enhanced two-phase heat and mass transfer; Micro/nanofluidic devices for nanoparticle synthesis and kinetic studies.
Wenjing Ye Nanoscale gas transport; Multiscale modeling of Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS); Efficient molecular based simulation techniques.
Matthew Yuen Self-assembly monolayer for adhesion improvement; carbon nanotube based thermal interface material; Silver nano-wire synthesis; Iodine treatment on silver conductive polymer; Nano-imprinting; nano surface treatment for super-hydrophobicity.
Tong-Yi Zhang Nanomaterials, Mechanical properties of materials, size-dependent material properties, micro/nanomechanics.
Tian-Shou Zhao Micro/nano fluidic modeling, micro fuel cell, coupled heat/mass and electrochemical reaction at the nano-scale.
Administrative Staff
Ms Ada Wong School of Engineering
Ms Jenny Chan School of Engineering