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The common requirements for NANO concentration in the Departments are:

  1. Take one NANO course from the list of NANO Courses (except CIVL in which student can take CIVL 526 instead of NANO course)
  2. Complete NANO 6010 for one semester
  3. Conduct research in Nano area

On top of the above specific program requirements, students are required to follow the program requirements stipulated for all MPhil and PhD student. Please read the respective program for details:

  1. MPhil/PhD in Chemical Engineering (NANO)
  2. MPhil/PhD in Civil Engineering (NANO)
  3. MPhil/PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering (NANO)
  4. MPhil/PhD in Mechanical Engineering (NANO)

School of Engineering also offers a joint program with School of Science in Nanoscience and Technology. Please visit for details of curriculum.